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The Girl Who Drank the Moon
Kelly Barnhill
Hardcover | Aug 2016
sold out $26.95
(on order)
The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.
Neal Stephenson
Hardcover | Jun 2017
sold out $43.50
(on order)
This is a Poem that Heals Fish
Jean-Pierre Simeon
Hardcover | Mar 2007
in store $24.95
This Is Where It Ends
Marieke Nijkamp
Paperback | Jun 2017
in store $15.50
Jeff VanderMeer
Paperback | Feb 2014
in store $14.99
The Buried Giant
Kazuo Ishiguro
Paperback | Jan 2016
sold out $21.00
(on order)
Fast Speaking Woman
Anne Waldman
Paperback | Jan 2001
in store $17.50
The Gold Leaf
Kirsten Hall
Hardcover | May 2017
in store $27.50
Some Kind of Happiness
Claire Legrand
Paperback | May 2017
in store $10.99
I'm Thinking of Ending Things
Iain Reid
Paperback | Mar 2017
in store $16.99

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